"… an author who writes exceptionally fascinating stories on social and cultural change." — The Globe and Mail

Books by Ray Argyle

“The book – the actual physical paper bound object full of words – is a treasure in this modern era.” — Nancy Cadogan, Artist.

A Writer’s Journey – A Memoir
More About this Book

VAN GOGH’S GHOST – ChasingVincent van Gogh in Paris and Provence

A Work in Progress – More About this Book

A Novel of Victorian Canada

Mosaic Press, 2017 More About this Book

Biography – Charles de Gaulle- President of France

Dundurn Press, 2014 More About this book 

Biography – Joey Smallwood – Premier of Newfoundland

Dundurn Press, 2012 More About this book  

Biography – Edward Mallandaine – Driving of the Last Spike

Dundurn Press, 2010 – More About this book

Biography – Scott Joplin, Ragtime Composer

Mcfarland & Co., 2009 – More About this book 

Speculative History – If Kennedy had Lived

Waterside Books, 2012 – More About this book

Non-Fiction – The Campaigns That Changed Canada – 2004 (2nd Edition 2011)

Hushion House, 2004 – More About this Book


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